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Hey there people! I don't post much on DeviantArt anymore. I'd say I post more on Tumblr, but that would be a huge lie...

Anyways, I went to PAX East for the first time a few weeks ago - and IT. WAS. AMAZING.

On Friday I cosplayed Fem! RED Spy, for which I finally completed my wool coat for. As a result, when we got to the con, I was operating on only three hours of sleep :'D I managed to sleep a little on the way to the convention, but we got a bit lost due to the fact that Boston is a prank played by highway engineers.

I got a pretty good response, not everyone recognized the character, but heey, that's what you get for doing a genderbend :P While I was cosplaying as her, I met an excellent Naked Snake, who said he was gonna be cosplaying as well on Saturday. I also met a Sniper Wolf, who I ate lunch with and planned to meet up with the following day. I probably bought the most stuff that day, having found a nice metal pin set of Paragon and Renegade symbol for $35. Not too bad for the quality! That was also the day I realized how HUGE the Boston Expo Center is compared to the Hynes. The sheer size meant that there was waaaay more walking to just get to places that I originally thought, so I didn't attend a lot of panels because of that.

Saturday. That day was probably THE CRAZIEST response I've gotten for my Major Ocelot cosplay. Before the con, I had started casting and painting Sculpey .45 Colt rounds, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get then finished in time (they should be ready in time for the Anime Boston Masquerade however!). Either way, once I found the Naked Snake, as well as a Sniper Wolf (who I had met during lunch on Friday) and a Meryl, ridiculous amounts of picture-taking ensured. At one point, we literally couldn't walk for SIX SECONDS before ten people wanted a group picture :'D Luckily, we had Sniper Wolf's boyfriend (who wasn't cosplaying) as well as his brother to help carry our crap as people snapped away. A lot of people wondered if we had planned the group, and well, we didn't! It was still super awesome that I was able to find all those cosplayers and that they were all so cool, ugggggghhhhh <3<3<3 My sister had cosplayed EVA before, but she didn't go on Saturday, which made me super-sad. She said she had been tired of the costume on Friday, but...aaaaa... we could've been so awesome with her....

We were asked for an interview at one point, but we had just started lunch (Two large handmade pizzas for $25! Whoo!), and by the time we finished we couldn't find the guys. I was pretty disappointed about that, but eh. Next year I can get an interview :P

Later I played a bunch of Blazblue with the Sniper Wolf and Meryl on the PS3 in the freeplay console rooms. Their setup at the convention is really pro, and I especially like that you can also, if you wanted, play a single player game just to try it out. I also went to a Bioware Mass Effect retrospective panel and a panel about silicone and latex mold making and casting. I can't wait to try it (Just gotta find a cosplay to use it for)!

Sunday I wasn't able to attend, but I was super-proud of my Snake friend being able to get onto Twitch TV and winning forth place for the overall cosplay contest they were holding. His Snake voice took the cake, but if I'd been able to join I'm sure my gun tricks would've earned us a bit higher of a prize, heh.

Overall, I'd have to say PAX was a huge success, and even though I only had Friday and Saturday passes I had a crapton of fun. It's probably one of the best-run conventions I've ever been to, even if most of the people in attendance were white neckbeardy dudes... bleh.

As for Anime Boston:
I'm proud (and slightly nervous) to say that I'll be entering with a few friends into the Masquerade! It's my first time doing anything like this at a convention, but with some practice I'm sure I'll get Ocelot down pat. I'm mostly worried about the voice, since I'm a lady and it's hard to do an old man voice with that as a basis, but hopefully I can at least sound like young Ocelot. Either way, I just wanna have fun,a nd I know we're guarenteed to do that this year.

Still a little on the fence about my Leo cosplay, since I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it in time, but I hav ea fabbbulous Ezio i wanna hang out with, so we'll see what happens.

Overall I'm doing well! The convention, plus my four months with my boyfriend aaannnnd the fact that I can run two miles in 16 minutes on a trail I've never done before is pretty awesome. Though I finished the Mass Effect series as well so that was a bit of a downer. It was what I expected the ending to be though, so it wasn't a big surprise there. I hope the rest of you have been having an awesome time as well!

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Any and all critique is appreciated!

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Haha oh wow, you're welcome! Hopefully you've had the time to look at my Ocelot cosplay :>
GoddessOfValhalla Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sure ^^ really nice cos
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Hey. I have a brilliant idea.
Manga-Phoenix Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Student General Artist
What is this brilliant idea? :o (I just came back from vacation, hence why i didn't respond earlier)
RaiuKito Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Student Photographer
[totally okay xD]

AC2 for AB '13
yes/yes ?
Manga-Phoenix Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Student General Artist

now we need to do research? If we do that I'll probably have to start doing that basically like right now considering for my Major Ocelot cosplay it took me like several months before I started any actual construction :'D
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sweet-strawberri Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
Herro ~
I saw your badass Ocelot cosplay, and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on making it! Like, did you just sort of happen upon belts and such? Stuff like that. I'm starting an Ocelot cosplay soon <3
Manga-Phoenix Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Ah yes, I could definitely give you some pointers.

When I first started the cosplay, I looked at his uniform and did a lot of research (I even got a book in DC sent to my local library) on it to try and figure out exactly what kind of infantry he was, what his uniform was probably made of, etc. In the end, I kinda gave up on that due to the fact that I literally couldn't find a completely accurate historical equivalent! I'm actually planning on doing more research, as the pattern I used for the shirt wasn't the most accurate but that's besides the point.

The belts and holsters I actually made. Leather patterns are your friend! If you search on Amazon, you should be able to find the bullet belt patterns relatively easily. The real deal bandoliers cost $99 each, and that's the starting point for only one! So, I made mine using the pattern, but using RV vinyl instead from Joanns. Be careful, your sewing machine has to be able to go through 6(!) layers of this stuff. Purchasing a specialty needle for vinyl also helps.

The beret was a purchase from a military surplus store. They're pretty easy to find, but keep in mind that you need to shape the hat (they're made of wool), otherwise it can look kinda derpy.

The pants I use currently are just ones that are black and much too baggy. I tuck them into my boots :'D They were actually rainboots I got a few years ago, but it's been really hard to find the same pair again :c Technically they're jackboots which was the type of boot commonly used by the military at the time, but unless you're in Europe getting Russian jackboots 9that are in your size no less!) can be really pricey.

The black belt I wore over my uniform was just a standard issue canvas belt with the buckle that has teeth that latch into the canvas. I don't know exactly what they're called but if you go to the militarily store keep in mind they're not the pistol belts, just the plain canvas ones.

I've been making most of my stuff because I want to get my cosplay good enough where I could enter it into competition, but if you don't have time to make the shirt you can always buy black BDU pants and shirt. I'd still make the belts if possible though, most Ocelots don't have the right ones so it'll help you stand out c:

Hopefully that was helpful!
WonderBazaar Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
Thank-you for the Llama ^^
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